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Technology for
Visual Artists

Visual Music Systems is developing technology that will offer visual artists the same level of spontaneous expressive control that an audio musician has over sound. After mastering an instrument, an audio musician no longer has to think about mechanical actions: thoughts and emotions are smoothly translated into sonic form. We are creating tools that an artist can use to perform a similar translation that produces dynamic visuals instead of sound; while playing a visual instrument the artist's thoughs will be instantly expressed in visual form.



Psychovisual Tools

Psychoacoustics is the study of how sound is perceived by the human brain; how acoustic waves become signals in the cochlear nerve, and how those signals propagate effects through the rest of the brain. Music is a form of expression that allows an artist to communicate using abstract sequences of sound. A skilled musician can induce in an audience complex patterns of emotion and thought by interfacing with the cochlear nerve. Similarly, our technology will allow an artist to interface with the optic nerve; playing off of the human psychovisual system. Where an acoustic musician communicates by producing structured sequences of sounds, a visual musician communicates by weaving tapestries of symmetry, color and movement.